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Data Mining & Analytics

Protiviti’s Data Mining and Analytics professionals help organizations improve decision-making, leading to increased revenues or reduced costs.

keith kawashima; data mining; data analytics 

Keith Kawashima, Protiviti Managing Director and a leader in the firm’s Internal Audit practice, talks about ways in which organizations can leverage technology-enabled auditing practices to their benefit.

Organizations today often experience difficulty with their information, which may be dispersed throughout many (or even unknown) systems. Data is often questionable, incomplete or outdated. Inconsistent accounting processes due to a recent acquisition or merger can add to the challenge. Yet, today’s executives are demanding in-depth and timely analysis of the relevant facts and data, especially information in response to a specific perceived opportunity or risk.

brian christensen; data mining; data analytics  
Protiviti Executive Vice President Brian Christensen discusses the updated COSO Internal Control – Integrated Framework, addressing the key changes and steps companies should begin taking to apply it.

Our Data Mining and Analytics consultants provide the analytical models and tools necessary to conduct in-depth analyses of a wide range of strategic, financial and operational issues. We help executives obtain the information they need to make effective decisions regarding their business opportunities and risks.

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