Exploration and Refining; increase in energy demand

Exploration, Production & Refining

Protiviti’s energy industry consultants help exploration, production and refining companies identify, measure, and manage their financial, operational, regulatory and technology-related risks throughout their systems and processes.

Global population growth, including the emergence of several large Asian economies, has dramatically increased the overall demand for crude oil and natural gas. This demand has increased the overall price commanded for these commodities. It also has guided significant levels of capital investment and political uncertainty into the oil and gas industry. These factors have sharpened the world’s interest in environmental health and safety issues, carbon emissions, volatile commodity prices and alternative energies.   

Moving forward, oil and gas companies are facing increased capital needs and technological investments as the industry begins to develop more complex deposits. Add to this the fact that the general public does not have an overall grasp of the economic realities of the oil and gas industry and it is easy to see why the next decade will be challenging.   

Protiviti’s team of professionals has worked extensively with oil and gas companies to help them respond to the challenges they face today. We help our clients to focus on and manage key risks in creative ways that help them gain sustainable competitive advantages in the market. 

Our solutions include:

  1. Capital Projects and Construction Management
  2. Commodity Risk Management and Hedging
  3. Joint Venture Audits
  4. Credit and Cash Flow Management Solutions
  5. Product Margin Analysis
  6. Internal Audit Assistance
  7. Regulatory/Governance Compliance
  8. Business Continuity
  9. Royalty and Division of Interest Issues
  10. Disputes and Recoveries
  11. Workforce Management Solutions
  12. Corruption and FCPA Risk Evaluation
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