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Internal Audit Full Outsourcing

Protiviti's Internal Audit Outsourcing professionals help organizations meet their internal audit needs.

"Listed companies must maintain an internal audit function to provide management and the audit committee with ongoing assessments of the company's risk management processes and system of internal control."
-New York Stock Exchange Listing Standard Section 303A, approved by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission

brian christensen; internal audit outsourcing; outsourced internal audit  
Protiviti Executive Vice President Brian Christensen discusses the updated COSO Internal Control – Integrated Framework, addressing the key changes and steps companies should begin taking to apply it.

The internal audit needs of each organization are unique. Due to demand for a high level of service and expertise, many organizations prefer to have Protiviti meet all of their internal audit needs under a continuous, full-service outsourcing arrangement. Under this arrangement, Protiviti reports to the audit committee and an appropriate corporate officer in order to assure the proper degree of objectivity and independence. Our Managing Directors and professionals have assisted hundreds of companies using this approach, which is tailored to meet a client’s unique needs.  

keith kawashima; internal audit outsourcing; outsourced internal audit 

Keith Kawashima, Protiviti Managing Director and a leader in the firm’s Internal Audit practice, talks about ways in which organizations can leverage technology-enabled auditing practices to their benefit. 

Our internal audit methodology is used completely or in conjunction with a client's existing methodology as the framework to build, execute and track a risk-based internal audit plan. This plan assists the client with managing process and technology risks and efficiently integrating technology within critical business processes. These services can help management better understand and monitor the performance of core operations and support functions, as well as ensure the proper level of control.

Our internal audit services provide the following benefits:

  1. Assurance to external parties and compliance with applicable laws and regulations
  2. A completely independent process, and information technology (IT) internal audit sourcing capabilities that use industry leading practices
  3. Deep technical and analytical skills related to core process and related control assessments
  4. Elimination of time and cost associated with sourcing, hiring, training and retaining skilled personnel in noncore competency areas
  5. Management's ability to focus on more strategic initiatives, improving resource utilization
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