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Protiviti’s professionals have worked extensively with some of the largest international mining companies in the world to improve efficiency and productivity while also mitigating risk.

Read: Helping Mining Companies Address Industry Challenges and Risks (PDF)

Our industry experts have many years of experience working across the mining sector and involving many metals and industrial minerals including aluminum, zinc, gold, copper, bauxite, coal and uranium. Our professionals have specialized experience in areas such as exploration, smelting, strategic sourcing, sales and marketing, disaster management and recovery, commodity trading, shipping, enterprisewide risk management, and information technology (IT) applications and security.

Protiviti has delivered services in more than 150 cities and 60 countries throughout the world, providing resources and subject-matter experts in the mining industry. We specialize in large, complex internal audits, and have dedicated substantial research to enhance both our own and the internal audit (IA) profession’s ability to succeed in this area. This is demonstrated in our profiling of strategies from successful IA leaders throughout the world in the “Profiles of Internal Audit Functions at Leading International Companies” publication, our “Internal Audit Capabilities and Needs” surveys, and our research on “Internal Audit Trends in the Resources Industry.”

Our mining and minerals-related services include:

  1. Internal Audit
  2. Commodity Risk Management
  3. Governance Assessment and Risk Policy Development
  4. Metallurgical Accounting
  5. IT Security
  6. Treasury Risk
  7. Assurance Mapping
  8. Physical Assets  
  9. Risk System Selection and Implementation
  10. Risk Quantification, Model Development and Valuation
  11. Business Continuity
  12. Credit and Cash Flow Management Solutions
  13. Environmental, Health and Safety Solutions
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